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The Dallas Hispanic Law Foundation is offering a Judicial Internship Program for law students completing their first or second year. Participating judges are from Dallas area civil and criminal courts. Applicants must have completed first-year law school courses and stipends are available for selected students.

Elevating Legal Practice through Real-World Experience

The Dallas Hispanic Law Foundation (DHLF) is proud to present the DHLF Judicial Internship Program, aimed at enriching the educational journey of law students. This program is specifically designed for those in the process of completing their first or second year at an accredited law school. It provides a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience by working directly with judges in the civil and criminal courts of the Dallas area.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for this exceptional opportunity, applicants must:

  • Current Enrollment: Be in the midst of completing their first or second year at an accredited law school.

  • Coursework Completion: Have successfully completed foundational law school courses, including civil procedure, legal research, and legal writing.

  • Accreditation: Be a student at any Accredited Law School.

Program Details

  • Stipend: Selected interns will be awarded a stipend of approximately $3,000.00, supporting their professional development during the internship.

  • Duration: The internship requires a commitment of at least four weeks.

  • Timeline: Internships are scheduled to start no earlier than May 17, 2025, and conclude by August 15, 2025.

Application Information

  • Deadline: The deadline for submitting applications is February 7, 2025.

  • Selection Announcement: Interns will be selected and notified in early April 2025.

  • Submission Requirement: Applications must be fully completed and submitted by 11:59 PM CST, February 7, 2025. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.

Unified Application Process

Applicants interested in both the Scholarship/Bar Study Grant and the Judicial Internship Programs need only submit a single application. If applying for both, all materials must be submitted by the stated deadline for the earliest program.

We encourage all eligible candidates to apply for this immersive judicial internship program. It's an invaluable step in your legal education, offering a glimpse into the judicial process and fostering professional growth.

The Dallas Hispanic Law Foundation is dedicated to the advancement of Hispanic law students, offering programs like the Judicial Internship to enhance their educational and professional development. We eagerly anticipate your application and are excited to support you in taking this significant step in your legal career.

How to apply

Student Life


Create an account

Click the link provided below or visit, navigate to “Scholarships,” then to “Scholarship Listing,” and select “Dallas Hispanic Law Foundation Scholarship.”


If you are a new applicant, you will need to create an account by clicking “Register” and then selecting “Scholarship Applicant” under Portal Access. 


Complete all required fields, and you will receive an email confirmation once your registration is successful.


Login to portal

Log in to the portal: Using the username and password you selected, navigate to Scholarship Funds. Locate the Dallas Hispanic Law Foundation Scholarship & Bar Study or Internship, click the link, then enter the access code provided.


Since this scholarship and/or internship is reserved ONLY for a specific student, you must enter the access code provided on the Dallas Foundation's website in the "Please enter the password" box.


Complete application

After entering the code, the scholarship description will appear, and you can begin filling out your application. It's crucial to use the access code and complete the application specifically for the Dallas Hispanic Law Foundation Scholarship to ensure eligibility.

A single application can be used for both the Scholarship/Bar Study Grant and Judicial Internship Programs. If you are applying for both opportunities, ensure all application materials are submitted by the earliest deadline.

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